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  • Why are there so many transfer flights to and from Hanoi?

    A Vietnamese airport transfer to Hue is now the second-most popular flight in the country.In 2018, Hanoa airport transfer had the third-most customers and the second most passengers.It was the fourth-most used airport transfer in 2017, and the fifth-most last year.In the first two years of 2017, it was the seventh most popular airport transfer […]

  • Panamanian authorities transfer the rights to Panaman airport transfer

    Panama City, Panama — Panama’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism announced Monday that it has transferred ownership of the Panaman Island International Airport transfer center from the Panamavilla Group to the Panama Aviation Corporation, which will then manage the transfer of ownership.Panamanian Minister of Foreign Relations José Luis de la Fuente said in a […]

  • When will the Maldives Airport transfer be completed?

    When will Maldives airport transfer be complete?It seems unlikely that the Maldivian government will approve the transfer of Niseko Air Airport to Linz Airport anytime soon, as it is far too big to accommodate any international passengers.The Maldives is currently the busiest airport in the world with some 14 million passengers annually.The Maldives Government has […]

  • How to find the airport transfer value for Vnukovsk in Russia

    If you’re looking to fly from Moscow to Kiev, the cheapest option is to get a transfer from the Russian city of Vnokovo.The transfer is typically between $1,300 and $2,400, but there’s a catch.You’ll need to make the trip from Moscow, where you’ll get to pick up your passport, and then fly the rest of […]

  • Why are airport transfer agents a waste of time?

    In the US, airlines are required to check the airline’s flight information at the airport before flying.That way, airlines know if the plane’s passengers are on the same flight or not.In the UK, airlines aren’t required to carry this information on boarding passes, but it can be helpful if you’re travelling to the UK from […]

  • What’s the latest on all the transfer deals in the World Cup?

    Transfer news and rumours in the football world are endless.Transfer windows can be fraught with drama, as the Premier League, European Football League, Spanish La Liga and other leagues can see teams leave their stadiums and transfer abroad to bolster their squads.But, as in any sport, when the big transfer deal happens, it can also […]

  • How to get your passport stamped in Colombia: What you need to know

    The border town of Valencia, Colombia, has long been the most heavily trafficked route for illicit drugs in the world, with a reported 4,000 drug-related deaths and a third of all cocaine seizures reported there last year.But on Monday, the United States Customs and Border Protection agency announced that its agents had caught up with […]

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