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  • How to find the best travel deals in the UK from your iPhone and iPad

    I had an iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and a Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet that I used to use for a variety of reasons.The first one was to keep track of my book purchases.The second was to use the iPad for some shopping, and to browse the web and social media.The third one was for […]

  • Germany: Germanwings plane to return to Germany, airport transfer

    Germanwings flight 687, operated by French carrier Air France, has landed in Germany on Saturday.The aircraft is expected to be brought back to France.The Airbus A320 carrying 295 passengers and 17 crew will be taken back to Paris on Saturday morning, according to the airline.Germanwings spokesman Markus Schulze said: “The aircraft has returned to the […]

  • What the fuck is going on?

    Airport transfer, Vilnius airport transfer has been banned in India, and all Sky airports in India have been banned from connecting to the internet. Airport transfer has long been used by Indian travellers as a means of connecting to other airlines, including a number of popular ones.But with the ban, the airline that operates the airport […]

  • NFLPA approves transfer of players to NFLPA, but with caveats

    PITTsburgh and Akl airports are the only remaining remaining airports with NFL teams in the state, according to the National Football League Players Association.ESPN first reported that the NFLPA approved a transfer of more than 1,500 players to the NFL Players Association’s (NFLPA) local office at Akl.It also said it had approved transfers to the […]

  • Which airlines are the best to transfer between Belgrade and Vientiane?

    Vientois airport transfer (VAT: VIG) is one of the world’s most popular destinations for airlines.A short trip from the capital Belgrade, the airport is the first and only domestic flight to reach Belgrade.The airport’s capacity is over 70,000, and it’s home to the city’s largest airline, Aer Lingus, which has a network of nearly 40,000 […]

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