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  • Airport transfer van in Adelaide to replace plane with a jet engine

    Airport transfer vans are coming to the South Australian capital to replace the jet engine used in the new 737 MAX planes.Airport officials say the van will replace the plane used for the new MAX planes when it is completed.It is the first time in more than 30 years that a passenger jet engine has […]

  • Air India’s Hyderabad Airport Transfer Company to be taken over

    Air India has acquired a company that will transfer the Hyderabad airport facility to the Hyderabadi airline in order to increase its capacity.The company will be headed by Srinivas Prakash, an ex-airport official and former chairman of the Airports Authority of India (AAI).Sources told The Hill that Air India is already planning to make the […]

  • The best airport transfers and hotels in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, California, United States, July 4, 2018 – Airport transfers are a must-have, but what are the best airport transfer hotels in the city?We’re here to help you find the perfect hotel.Airport transfer hotel listings are based on reviews, user reviews and other information provided by users who are visiting Los Angeles from all […]

  • Airport transfer: Airport transfer time in Bangalore

    The airport transfer in Bangalore is around 6 hours from Bangalore to Kolkata.But that is not the whole story.There are other transfers you can make in Bangalore.Airport transfer times can vary widely, but the basics are that you will need to go to the nearest airport and get your ticket.You will be taken to a […]

  • How to book an airfare transfer at Pyrzowa airport

    Pyrtowice Airport in Poland has become the latest airport to make a booking to transfer a ticket to the Polish Air Force.The Polish government announced on Thursday that the transfer is possible for the first time in December 2018, after the military launched a new system of air traffic control.The system was launched on April […]

  • U.S. approves $3.4 billion plan for the airport transfer

    The United States is set to approve $3 billion in new funding for the Cincinnati airport transfer, including $300 million for a new terminal, an airport operator announced Wednesday.The airport transfer would give the airport operator the authority to manage its terminal facilities while transferring ownership of the airport to the U.K.-based terminal operator.It is […]

  • How to transfer to an airport from Greece

    The Greek capital Athens has been the epicentre of a political row between the government and the anti-austerity Syriza party, as the two parties sparred over the transfer of the airport.The centre-left government wants the airport to be turned into a “mini-city” and a public transport hub, while the anti-“Syriza” party wants it converted into […]

  • How Puerto Rico is being left behind in the fight against Zika virus

    Puerto Rico has been left with no options to control the spread of the virus and is struggling to get essential services such as drinking water and electricity.Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro García Padilla announced the plan to end the island’s contract with an international consortium on Tuesday.Puerto Rican President Sergio Garcia Padilla, right, meets with […]

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