‘The world’s biggest’ is ‘the biggest’ in the world, says Chinese airline

“The world is a big place,” says Chinese Airlines’ chief executive.

The airline has announced it has signed an agreement with Hong Kong’s airport transfer service Orly Airport Transfer to fly from Guangzhou to Osaka in Japan.

The deal will include three new routes connecting Osaka to the rest of Japan.

Orly, which is backed by China’s Ministry of Transportation, has been operating in the Chinese mainland for five years and has become a major player in the domestic aviation industry.

It has already operated five new routes and will launch a further five new ones by the end of the year.

It said that, while it was not able to share the full details of the Orly deal, the airline was confident in its ability to deliver on its promises to the Japanese government and industry.

The company’s CEO said it was the “biggest airport transfer in the history of aviation.”

The airline said it would offer a more flexible schedule than other airports, adding that it would “continue to invest heavily in technology, and in the best and safest way to ensure a seamless and safe flight experience.”

The agreement with Orly is the latest in a string of Chinese aviation deals in Japan and South Korea.

China has been in talks with Seoul, which has also agreed to invest in new routes between Seoul and its southern neighbor, South Korea, and Beijing, to allow it to continue to service China’s growing domestic market.

China and South Korean officials said that Beijing would invest heavily to improve air safety in South Korea in order to maintain the country’s status as a global hub for global commerce.

The latest Chinese deal follows a string earlier this year of announcements that Beijing and Seoul have agreed to work together on new routes, in an effort to increase trade between the two countries. 

The latest agreement with Tokyo comes amid growing tensions between China and Japan over the disputed Senkaku Islands, which lie off the coasts of Japan and China, and over China’s claims to those islands.

Japan, which claims the islands, has accused China of using them as a “military base” in its territorial disputes with the United States and South Africa.