How to use a new airport transfer to fly from Quebec to Toronto, Canada

Passengers will soon be able to transfer between Canadian and U.S. airports in a move that may make flying between them even more efficient.

The U.K.-based airport transfer service will be available from Sept. 17 to Nov. 8, 2018.

The new service, called the Passport Canada, is designed to ease international transfers between Canadian airports, including Quebec City and Gatineau, Quebec, as well as Montreal and Toronto.

Passport will also be available between New York and Toronto as well.

Passport Canada is the first airport transfer platform in North America, said Mark Wilson, president of the Canadian Association of Passengers, in an email.

“It is also the first time a U., Australian, British, and European airline has agreed to provide a passenger transfer service to connect their domestic and international airports to one another, eliminating the need for additional international travel and the need to pay in advance.”

The Passport website will also let users transfer between the United States and Canada, he said.

Passport’s launch coincides with an influx of U.N. Security Council sanctions against North Korea over its ballistic missile launches, including a U and U-turn on sanctions in July over its nuclear and missile tests.

Canada has also announced that it will not lift a sanctions freeze on North Korea, a move it says is in the best interests of its own security and the security of its allies.

A new airline transfer service, however, is not without controversy.

U.S.-based airline JetBlue says it will no longer offer a U-Pass from Toronto to Las Vegas.

It says that it is the “last remaining safe route” to Las, and that it had not heard of any other U-passes from Canada to Vegas, even though there are other routes from the U.B.C. border to the Las Vegas area.