How to watch the game in Poland

The Polish Football Association has revealed how the home of the World Cup finals will be divided in the wake of the pyrtzowice disaster.

The announcement was made by Sport Minister Ryszard Bocka on Friday at a news conference in Warsaw.

Bocka said the allocation of seats will be decided by a committee of nine people.

It will consist of three members of the Executive Board, three from the executive committee of the local board, three elected representatives of the players’ association and three elected members of public opinion.

He said the decision on the allocation will be made at a meeting of the members on Monday.

The stadium will be split into three parts.

It will have a capacity of 120,000 for football matches, but the stadium itself will be able to accommodate a further 60,000 people, Bockas office said in a statement.

It will be open to all but it will not have the capacity of the stadium, which will have the same capacity as a football match, it added.

The first of three stages of the tournament is scheduled to be held in Piacenza on December 6.