How to make your travel more efficient in Brussels airport

Brussels Airport is currently operating with about 50 per cent capacity and it is expected to remain so.

However, the airport is expected for an upgrade in 2019, when the terminal and arrivals terminal will be expanded.

The upgrades will help reduce congestion at the airport and allow more travellers to be accommodated.

The airport currently has an occupancy rate of about 80 per cent and it will increase the capacity to about 90 per cent.

According to the airport’s website, passengers at this stage will be able to use the terminal in the evenings, which is a boon for the economy.

The terminal upgrade will cost €25m and the cost will rise to €35m if the airport can raise €1bn in public funding.

The Airport Authority of Belgium (AAB) said that it has already allocated €2bn to upgrade the terminal, which will allow for the expansion of the airport.

The airline that will run services to and from the airport will be Aer Lingus, and the airport itself will be a major business.

“In 2019 we will invest in the terminal expansion, to allow for future expansion, which we are confident will be done in 2019,” said airport director Pierre Bruegel.

He added that the upgrade will improve the airport from a commercial to a public airport, but the airport has already made the decision to upgrade to a passenger airport.

“The airport is currently running at 80 per, so that will decrease to 80 per for 2019,” he said.

A spokesperson for the airport said that in 2018 the airport received almost 1,000 new passengers every day, which represents almost 70 per cent of the daily number of passengers.

“This is in addition to the passengers who already pass through the terminal.”

According to a report by the French airline Alitalia, the number of new passengers arriving in Brussels each day rose by 7.3 per cent last year compared to the same period in 2018.

The report said that the number is likely to remain high as the airport receives a growing number of flights, and that the increase in arrivals could increase over the next three years.

Alitalie is also looking to upgrade its services at the Brussels-Paris terminal.

The company is considering whether it could build a new terminal to accommodate the new arrivals, but it has yet to finalise plans.

The Paris terminal currently has just three flights a day, but Bruegels hopes to add flights at the terminal.

“We will add flights to the terminal by 2019,” Bruege said.

The AAB has also allocated €300m to the Airport Authority to build an upgrade and refurbish the terminal itself, but he said that this will not be completed until 2019.

He said that while the airport would continue to operate, the terminal will remain open to the public and that there would be more services at its terminals in the future.

“When we have new services at other terminals, that will also happen,” Bruesgel said.

“I hope that will happen.”