Luxembourg Airport Transfer: Transfer of Airport to Israeli Airlines

The airport transfer between the Israeli and Luxemburg airlines will be carried out on Friday, the Israeli airline said.

The airline said that the transfer will be completed by 3 p.m.


The transfer will allow Luxembergen to receive L-3 aircraft from Tel Aviv International Airport, it added.

In a statement, Israel Airports Authority Director General Avi Dichter said that a meeting was held on Friday between the L-1 and L-2 airlines to review the transfer process.

“There were many issues to be addressed,” Dichters said, adding that the agreement is “firm and solid.”

The airline also said that it will fly direct to Tel Aviv.

The airport will be used by L-10 airlines.

Dichtering said that Luxemburys first airport transfer took place in February, when it transferred to the Israeli company Avio, after the airline’s contract expired.

Luxemberts first airport transferred took place a month later, after a disagreement between the two airlines’ owners.

He added that the airlines were still waiting for the airport to be re-opened.