How to move to a more secure, cheaper alternative to Moscow’s airport transfer

The Kremlin has announced that it will soon allow citizens of neighboring Belarus and Kazakhstan to travel to Moscow, bypassing the airport transfer program, the second-largest in Europe.

The move is the latest sign of Moscow’s willingness to open its economy to outside investment, after the government pledged to open up the economy to foreign capital after it came to power in May.

The announcement came as the EU was preparing to hold a summit in Brussels to discuss economic cooperation.

“We have decided to make Belarus and Russia the first countries in the world that can take the first step towards opening their markets and opening up the international markets to foreign investment,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a senior member of Russia’s governing body, the State Duma, told reporters.

“This will enable our partners to make investments in our companies and in our industries.”

He added that Belarus and the neighboring countries will soon be able to use Moscow’s transit airport transfer system.

“The transfer of passengers between our two countries will be possible soon, as we will be able transport passengers from one city to another city, as long as the destination is a member of the European Union,” Zhirinov said.

The announcement comes as Belarus and Moscow have recently reached a deal on a free trade agreement.

The accord is being considered by European leaders, but it remains to be seen if the deal will be signed.