Airport transfer: Pisa airport transfer pisisa to go to India?

The Pisa International Airport (Pisa) will go to the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the State of Telangana is said to have agreed on Wednesday.

The agreement was signed by PISA chairman N. Ramachandran and other officials of Telengana, a municipality located about 200km from the city.

The move is a clear signal of Telagana’s desire to establish a hub for its planned airport, which is to be built by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and is being designed by a consortium of international companies.

The airport will be the first to serve the state of Telan, which has the world’s fourth-largest population.

The decision comes a day after the State Government in Telangakulam signed an agreement to set up a joint venture to build the airport.

The partnership, which will have a total investment of Rs. 1,600 crore, will have three commercial sites in Hyderabad, Chandigarh and the western city of Pune.

The state government, however, has yet to sign the deal with the private consortium.