Italy and Romania sign air transport agreement for Laguardias transfer

Rome, Romania, Italy and Slovakia signed an air transport deal on Wednesday for Lagoa Delgada Airport (LAD) transfer, with Slovakia to receive 30.7 million euros ($38.7) in addition to the 2.9 million euros it would have received from Italy.

The deal was signed by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico at the LAG Airports Authority, a national agency responsible for managing the air traffic control and security system at LAG.

The agreement was signed in front of the prime minister, Fico and Slovaks Prime Minister Igor Dodon.

Lag has been a popular transfer point for flights between Italy and the European Union, with Italy transferring 5 million euros to Slovakia in 2017.LAG is a former Soviet-era airfield on the outskirts of Rome.

The airport has long been an attractive target for commercial flights, with a new terminal expected to open this year.

Renzi said in a statement that Slovakia would receive an additional 1.5 million euros from Italy in 2017 and 2019.LAD, however, is the main transfer point between Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, which would benefit from LAG being a reliable transfer point.

Renzi said Slovakia would be reimbursed by the EU for the cost of operating LAG and the cost to train Slovaks in LAG, as well as the cost for the necessary security measures.LAS has been operating the Lagoas airfield for the past 50 years and the first transfer terminal for air traffic will be installed in 2020, Renzi told reporters.