How a group of travelers are taking on airport transfer agents

A group of airport transfer agent agents have been forced to resign after refusing to return a flight to an Arizona airport after a man allegedly tried to cash in his check.

The agents, all white, are now claiming they were forced to quit due to the racial and anti-Muslim sentiment on the ground.

The story broke Thursday on the website of Fox News.

The airline said it was “aware of the story and is in the process of reviewing it and will make a final decision on our future operations.”

A passenger on the plane told Fox that the agent on the flight was black.

“We had a black guy, and he was trying to cash his check at the gate,” the passenger told Fox.

“He was sitting in the seat next to us, and we were sitting next to him.

We asked him, ‘Is there a problem with you not giving us your money?’

He said no, and that was the end of that conversation.”

The passenger said the agent asked the man to take his money out, and the two got into a heated argument over the man’s check, and when the man refused to leave, the agent allegedly kicked the man in the back of the head and threw him out of the plane.

The passenger and the agent were not injured.

Fox News’ Adam Himmelsbach and Jennifer Griffin contributed to this report.