What you need to know about the Miami International Airport transfer

With the Miami airport transfer program being phased out and airport transfers now only available through a third-party company, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the program.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the airport transfer and transfer fees.

Where does the airport terminal get its name?

The Miami International airport transfer facility was named after its namesake, a name that was originally bestowed on the site in the 1950s.

Originally called the Miami City Airport, the name was changed to the Miami Airport Transfer Center in 1986.

When did the airport name change?

The first Miami airport terminal opened on September 25, 1950.

The new facility was built to handle an anticipated increase in passenger traffic from the opening of the first Miami Airport Terminal in 1952.

The first transfer facility opened in 1961, and by 1963, the airport had more than 100 transfer terminals.

What is the fee?

When will the airport transfers be available?

All transfer facilities have a fee of $35 to $60, depending on the length of your stay.

What are the terminal gates?

Terminal gates open one hour before the transfer is scheduled to begin and close at the end of the transfer.

There is no need to close the gate and wait for transfer to complete before you can go to your destination.

Can I get a refund?


All transfer fees are nonrefundable.

What happens if I miss a transfer?

You will not receive a refund for missed transfers.

The transfer fees vary depending on length of stay, and some transfer centers will waive fees for those who miss their transfer.

When are transfer centers open?

Terminal transfer centers close 15 minutes before the scheduled transfer begins.

You will receive a notification on your phone if the transfer has been completed.

Can the airport shuttle buses pick up my luggage?


You can pick up your luggage at the terminal transfer center and take it to your next destination.

The airport shuttle is available to take you from the airport to your final destination.

Will there be a shuttle service between the airport and my final destination?

Yes, but you will need to arrive at the transfer center at 7 a.m. for the shuttle.

How much does it cost to transfer?

Terminal transfers are typically $40 for a single-passenger trip and $60 for a double-passengers trip.

If you have a family member or friend who would like to accompany you on the trip, you may also qualify for a discount.

How long does it take to transfer from the terminal?

Depending on the transfer destination, transfers can take up to 24 hours.

The amount of time between transfers is generally about an hour and a half.

How do I find out the transfer fee?

If you need help getting a transfer from one airport to another, contact your transfer center directly.

They can help you determine if the terminal is offering a transfer fee and if it’s appropriate for your needs.

How can I cancel my transfer?

The transfer process from the transfer station to your last destination is known as “discovery”.

If you wish to cancel a transfer, contact the transfer centers nearest transfer station.

You may also call the airport office to find out how to do this.

What if I have questions about my transfer, but I don’t want to wait to hear from the transfers supervisor?

You can contact the airport directly and they will do the work for you.

The transfers supervisor will usually answer your questions.

What about luggage?

You may be asked to show identification to get into your luggage.

How does luggage fit into my luggage, and will I be able to take it with me?

Your luggage will not fit into your suitcase or carry-on baggage.

Do I need to be checked in for my flight?

You do not need to take luggage with you to check in.

However, you will be checked for your baggage at the airport.

Will I be asked for my boarding pass?

No, and the TSA will not ask you for your boarding pass.

What does the TSA want to know before I board?

The TSA has asked for a complete description of the airline you’re flying to, as well as the departure and arrival dates of all airlines participating in the airport program.

What should I know about my flight before I book?

For the first 30 days, you should be able see all of the information from your flight on your boarding card.

However for more than a week, you won’t see your scheduled arrival date or departure date on your ticket.

What do I do if I don’ t get a transfer but do get checked in?

After your initial visit, the TSA may ask you to take an airport-wide safety quiz to determine whether you’re a high risk.

Your safety quiz will be mailed to you via FedEx, which will also send a boarding pass to you.

If your safety quiz is not returned by the TSA, you can get a new security quiz from the airline.

What can I do after I get my luggage checked in and my flight