Why the German airport transfer was delayed

Bremen’s transfer to Frankfurt has been delayed after the Federal Aviation Authority (BRA) revoked the airport’s transfer permit, leaving it without a transfer terminal and a ticketing system.

The airport is the main transfer point for air passengers to and from Germany.

The authority said on Monday that it will now look into the matter.

“The Bremens transfer to the Frankfurt airport is not allowed,” the BBA said in a statement.

“We have asked the BTA to review the transfer and to re-examine the reasons for the rejection.

The BBA will then determine if there is a reasonable basis to proceed.”

In a statement on its website, the BDA said: “We will not accept any requests to postpone the transfer.”

Bremen Airport, which lies on the Baltic Sea, was originally slated to open in November 2018.

However, it is expected to reopen this year after an estimated €1.2bn ($1.7bn) upgrade was completed.

It has previously faced delays due to the cost of the project.