How to get around iguas airport transfer

As the Nigerian government tries to secure an airstrip for the country’s military, officials say they need a way to transfer people who are being held at the airport.

The U.S. military and the International Organization for Migration are working on the plan to transfer a group of military personnel and other civilians to the airport in the capital, Abuja, according to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Officials said Wednesday that the transfer will be facilitated through a “re-entry program,” which involves returning the detainees to their home country.

It is not clear how many people will be transferred, but officials said it will be limited to “a limited number of individuals.”

The military will operate the facility at Klook Airport in a “secure, secure environment,” the U.

Ns. mission to Nigeria said in a statement Wednesday.

The U. Nations mission said it “strongly encourages the government to use its full powers to secure and maintain this facility, and to ensure that the transfers are conducted as expeditiously as possible.”

In the meantime, the U-N.

mission said its “assistance is available to Nigeria as a matter of urgency, to facilitate the transfer of people from the detention center at Koppa to the new facility at Igungi.”

A Reuters reporter at the Abuja airport said the transfer is expected to begin in the coming days.