Airports in China will be the only ones to be shut down over the coming days, airport operators say

Aviation industry operators in China have confirmed that airports will be closed over the next few days over a public safety threat.

The announcement came after a series of incidents involving security personnel at international airports in the country, including the fatal shooting of a man at an airport in the city of Tianjin in August.

On Sunday, authorities said that the public safety situation in Tianjin airport had improved since August, when a man was killed and several other people were injured when a bomb detonated at a checkpoint at the airport.

However, authorities have not released any new information on the latest incidents and have yet to determine whether the airport has been fully cleared for international passengers, according to a statement from Beijing airport authorities.

Authorities have not yet released details on the recent incidents, but have said that there are no known links between the airport and the July attack on a hotel in the capital of Beijing.

The city of Dandong in the eastern province of Hebei has been the subject of a string of attacks over the last few months, and on Friday, authorities announced that the city was on lockdown for a week over the threat of a new bomb.