When a TSA agent’s body camera catches an officer’s gun and puts it in the air

A TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport had his body camera put in the sky, and he wasn’t the only one.

An Air Force veteran from San Diego who had just completed his first deployment was filming the airport’s security checkpoint, when he spotted an officer pointing his gun at him and taking it out of his pocket.

A TSA officer put the weapon in his waistband and started recording, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The footage captured the officer’s face and mouth as he said: ‘Get out of here.

I have a gun on me.’

“I’ve got a weapon in my waistband,’ the officer said.

‘Get the f— out of my way.

I don’t want to shoot you.’

The video then shows the officer point the gun toward the camera and say, ‘Put your hands up, you’re not going anywhere.'”

The video then cuts to the video feed of the TSA officer’s body cam.

The officer was identified as Capt. James A. Brown, who had previously worked in security at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Pentagon.

In his statement, Brown said he was taking the video in the hopes of “raising awareness of TSA security procedures and procedures that are well known to our members.”

“I appreciate the support from the Air Force and my family for taking this action, but I am saddened by what I saw in this video,” he said.

Brown said he is not concerned about his safety.

“I just wanted to raise awareness,” he told the Times.

“I wanted to make sure that we all are aware of the laws and regulations that govern TSA security, so we don’t have this happening again.”