Malaysia’s ‘malware-ridden’ airports ‘totally safe’

Malmö Airport has been “completely safe” for the past month, according to its chief operating officer, after a massive computer virus attack crippled the airport’s network.

Malmö’s main terminal was also completely shut down in early October.

Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has confirmed that there have been no new reports of problems at the airport.

However, airport director and chief operating Officer Mohamed Fahmi, said on Monday that Malmog was “still in a state of shock” over the virus attack, which forced the closure of the airport and its nearby international terminal, which had been operating at 100% capacity since October.

The Malmofar attack has left the airport in a “terrible state” and the airport is now operating “in the worst condition that we have ever experienced”, Fahmi told Reuters.

The attack on Malmós airport was the worst known disruption of a major airport in Europe and the world, which is known for its low security measures.

Malamurk airport, which serves Europe and Africa, has been closed for several days, and the airline has been forced to cancel its flights in the area due to the disruption.

However the airline’s spokesman, Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, told Reuters that the airline was “not going to stop flights to or from the airport”, adding that the airport would reopen “in an hour or two”.

However, the airline is already operating flights to other destinations, including China, where the virus is suspected to have originated.

Malaya’s foreign minister has previously said that the virus “is not a threat to the security of Malaysia”.

“We do not see any threat from it at the moment.

We do not have any problems with the security situation.

We are in a very stable situation,” Sheikh Abdul Wahab said on Friday.

“We are working very hard to overcome this problem and we are very optimistic about the outcome.”

The United Nations and the European Union have called for the airport to be reopened, and Malaysia has urged airlines to resume flights to Europe and Asia.

The United States and the United Kingdom have also urged airlines and airport officials to resume operations, and United Airlines has said it is working to re-open the airport for international flights.