Egypt: Airport transfer for Casablanca airport terminal

Egypt’s authorities are planning to transfer Casablancan Airport, one of the world’s busiest international airports, to the private sector for the first time in decades.

The move follows a long-running dispute between Egypt and its international partners, and was prompted by the rise of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in neighbouring Libya.

Egyptian officials announced the transfer on Wednesday, days after the European Union and other international partners issued a joint statement expressing concern about the situation.

“This transfer is for the purpose of upgrading the airport, which has been operating without any government control and security,” Egyptian transport and airport minister Abdallah Ahmed told AFP news agency.

The airport was established in 1956.

In January, the European Commission expressed “deep concern” over the airport’s situation, saying it had become a target for terrorist attacks, smuggling and smuggling networks.

“It has become a major target for the smuggling of fighters and terrorists to Europe,” the commission said.

It said the airport was “under constant surveillance by international law enforcement agencies”.

A number of other European countries have criticised the transfer of Casablan to private operators.

Earlier this month, a group of Turkish officials said the European Court of Justice would investigate the “unacceptable” transfer of the airport to the Turkish Republic.