When to check if you have booked a visa to travel to Taipei, Hong Kong or Macau

Taipei is often a popular destination for tourists looking to visit the Chinese mainland and Macau.

However, many travellers are still waiting for their visas to be approved.

The airline which has been running since 2012, Air Taipei has also been known for its low fare.

It has been the choice for many travellers from the US, Canada, and Europe to travel through China.

However with the number of travellers arriving from Taiwan and Hong Kong, Air Transport China is looking for ways to reduce its flights from Taiwan to Macau and vice versa.

In order to ensure its own safety, Air Taiwan has been conducting a number of safety checks and is now holding regular safety inspections.

According to Air Taiwan, a total of 1,000 passengers have been checked during the first phase of safety inspections, with the airline expecting the number to increase during the second phase.

The company has also begun screening passengers for diseases, alcohol consumption, and other personal hygiene requirements.

According the company, it is also doing random tests of all passengers arriving at Taipei airport and will also hold random inspections at other airport locations in the country.

Taiwan’s transport minister, Chen Chin-yuen, said Air Taiwan is trying to increase the number and severity of inspections to ensure the safety of travellers.

Air Taiwan is also considering making a separate airline for mainland China.

The Taiwan-Hong Kong border has been closed for two years and the two countries are currently embroiled in an ongoing war between the People’s Liberation Army and the People in China.

According To The New York Times, the two sides have been exchanging fire between their forces, the PLA and People’s Army.

The PLA has also reportedly fired at US bases in the area.

The PLA has claimed the incident is a violation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and has been threatening to close the border for several weeks.

China has said the border will be reopened only if the US and its allies agree to abide by the UN convention.

China is also reportedly sending troops to the island and is reportedly training some of its own troops to help.