Australia to transfer 10 Boeing 737s to China, Rotorua Airport

Australia will transfer 10 of its Boeing 737 planes to Beijing for maintenance work, the Australian Airports Authority (AA) said on Friday.

A spokeswoman said the Boeing 737-800, 737-900 and 737-500 were being delivered at a local airport in Rotor, New Zealand, with the remaining aircraft due to arrive at China’s Dalian Airport in a week.

The first planes, the 737-700s, will be delivered in late December.

“The planes will be repaired and delivered to their destinations,” the AA said in a statement.

Aircraft deliveries to China are subject to a number of conditions, including a commitment from the airlines to continue operating in China after the final contract with Australia has been signed.

Australia will use the planes to support Australian military operations in China.

Australian Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said in March the government was working with the Chinese government to ensure that the planes were not damaged in China’s military actions.