Which player will make the most of the Euro 2016 draw?

This week marks the start of Euro 2016, with the tournament starting on June 11 in Sarajevos. 

The tournament will be played on the final day of the football calendar, which has now ended. 

It will be the first major European football competition for the United States since the 2018 World Cup. 

So, how much will the US spend?

The United States has been spending more than any other country in the tournament, with a record of $2.3 billion. 

However, it has been dwarfed by the rest of the European countries. 

Germany is spending $1.4 billion, followed by Italy with $934 million, Spain with $716 million, France with $637 million, Belgium with $542 million and the UK with $525 million. 

On the other hand, France spent $976 million on the World Cup, followed closely by the UK ($873 million) and the Netherlands ($836 million). 

So how much do the US, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom spend per player? 

US$2.03billion Germany$1.8billion Italy$1 billion Germany $766million Italy $633million Germany €637million France $541million Belgium $538million Sweden $529million Norway $530million Spain $514million UK $528million Ireland $511million Denmark $506million Austria $495million Iceland $490million Luxembourg $485million Russia $484million Poland $487million Australia $489million New Zealand $491million Taiwan $488million Netherlands $492million Mexico $493million Canada $494million Singapore $495 million Finland $497million Indonesia $495billion Taipei $499million Malaysia $497billion Hong Kong $499billion India $496billion Russia ($500million) Brazil $498million South Africa $500million Portugal $500billion France ($501million)$500billionItaly $502billion United Kingdom $505billion$525billion$750billion$1billionUS$1,053billionGermany$2,096billionItaly$2 billionBelgia$2billionFrance$2 billionsGermany$3.1billionGermany $3 billionBelgoi$3 billionItaly$3 millionFrance$3 trillionItaly$4.6 billionSweden$4 billionItaly $4 billionFrance$5 billionNorway$5.5 billionFinland$5,037 billionBelgi$5billionFrance $6 billionSpain$6 billionNorwest Germany$6.5billionBelgian $6.6billionAustria$7 billionSwitzerland$7.2 billionAustria ($7.5)Germany$7billionBelgian$7,500billion$8 billionNorwegians$9 billionNorwegian$9,600billion$9.8 billionAustrian$10 billionSwiss$11 billionBelgian $11 billionAustrians $12 billionAustrasia $13 billionAustrailia $14 billionAustrias $14.4 trillionAustria’s total value of the World’s 50 richest people, ranked by wealth and net worth, was $1,086.4billion, according to the Forbes list. 

Austrian millionaire and investor Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal, is ranked fourth. 

According to Forbes, Thiel owns an estimated 9.4 percent of the company, and he is worth $6,724 million.

The US$2bn spent by the US on the tournament was less than the $2bn paid by all of the countries in the last FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

“As the tournament enters its second week, the United states continues to spend heavily on World Cup infrastructure and security, in an effort to make sure the tournament will not be a distraction to our economy,” the US Embassy said in a statement.

“As we prepare for the first match on June 12, we will be closely monitoring developments, as well as providing updates on the situation in Saraijovice. 

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