What’s happening at the airport transfer station in Vancouver?

The Vancouver Airport Transfer Station (VATS) is a new airport transfer point, where transfers are now available from the terminal, not the airport.

There’s an option to transfer to another airport by taxi, but there’s no direct way to transfer between the terminal and the airport from the taxiway.

In the future, you’ll need to go to the airport’s airport terminal to transfer.

There are also a few changes to the way you can transfer between Vancouver International Airport and other airport locations.

You’ll be able to book transfers from the Airport Transfer Desk, but you can only book transfers through the VATS website.

And if you’re flying into Vancouver, there are no flights to Vancouver International, and no transfers to Vancouver West or West Vancouver International.

There is a direct bus to Vancouver Airport.

You can also book transfers via Uber or the Airport Bus app, but the Uber app has some restrictions.

You need to book your flight before arriving, and there’s a fee for the Uber service.

There was also an upgrade in terms of the terminal’s accessibility.

You could now book a transfer by car, but only in select locations.