Thai police to hold detainees for 24 hours

Police have detained 24 Thai nationals over the weekend after a string of airport transfers at Bangkok airport.

The airport transfer in Minsa airport, which is in the western part of the capital, began on Friday morning and was intended to allow travellers from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and the US to transfer to the two international airports.

However, security officers were seen forcibly removing and detaining several travellers at the airport in the early hours of Sunday.

The arrests came after the police said they were seeking to arrest and detain Thai nationals and other foreigners, in an apparent crackdown on an anti-terror campaign.

Police have arrested a Thai national for the detention of a person and seized a vehicle in Midsa airport.

Police said the Thai national was detained on Sunday morning.

A second Thai national, a man from Thailand’s central Hainan province, was detained at the same airport on Sunday evening, police said.

The two Thai nationals were arrested on Sunday after police said a Thai citizen was detained after he attempted to leave the airport, while another Thai national from Bangkok was detained for allegedly trying to cross the border into China illegally.

“We have taken measures to prevent this from happening again,” a police spokesman told Al Jazeera.

More from Al Jazeera:Thailand has seen a spate of anti-terrorism incidents this year, as security forces have stepped up the number of raids and arrests.

On Saturday, a bomb exploded outside Bangkok International Airport, killing three people.