Which airlines are making the most transfer flights?

With just two weeks left until summer, it’s time to take a look at the top airlines transferring flights between mainland China and the United States.

We’ve compiled the results of a survey of more than 4,500 flights by AirlineRatings.com and The Aviationist, which are based on data provided by airlines to us.

The top five are:Air France A380 from Beijing to Chicago and back,air France A340 from Beijing and Madrid to Paris and back (A380),Air France Boeing 737 from Frankfurt to Beijing and back andAir France Delta from Frankfurt and Madrid back to Paris,Air France Qatar from Dubai to Dubai and backAir France Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Singapore and backThe last three are all Delta and Singapore flights.

And there’s a lot more to come.

Air France and United have the most flights between Beijing and Shanghai, but that’s because they both fly from the same base.

For the purposes of this list, we’re only focusing on flights that depart from the Beijing- Shanghai hub, so we’re excluding flights between Shanghai and Beijing.

AirlineRations.com has its own data that’s better for comparison purposes, but it has a number of limitations, including the fact that it’s based on international flights, so it doesn’t include all the flights between major cities in China and in Shanghai.

And while it does include international flights to Shanghai, that’s only for flights that are originating from Shanghai.

For international flights between China and Europe, we used the data from China Airports Information Service (CAIS), which is a third-party data provider that doesn’t operate directly with China Airlines.

But if you’re looking for the best flights between Europe and China, we recommend Air France’s A380 or Airbus A340.

We’re also looking at all flights that fly from Frankfurt-New York hub to Shanghai and back.

For this, we excluded flights between Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Moscow.

But there’s also a lot of data available from Air France and the rest of the European carriers, so you’ll see more flights than we did for flights from Shanghai to Europe.

This is a good indicator of how transfer flights are going, but if you want to compare a specific carrier, like Air France or United, we’ve included those as well.

Air Canada and Air France have the lowest transfer flight volume from Shanghai, with just a handful of flights.

But they’re also the only two European carriers that make up a majority of transfers from Shanghai into Europe, and their volume from China is also quite low.

That means their volume is also lower than most other European carriers.

But we’ve excluded flights that originate from Shanghai because we have to account for international transfers and because we’ve found that the European companies don’t have a great track record when it comes to getting back to China.

If you want a specific airline, like Delta or Singapore, or a specific flight that’s coming from China to Europe, look at our charts.

AirChina has a strong presence in Europe, but its overall volume is not as high as its international volume, so the data here is more indicative of the quality of flights between Asia and Europe.

In fact, Air China has only one international flight in its catalog that leaves from Shanghai and Frankfurt, so its volume is really low.

AirFrance, which is based in Paris, has the most international flights from China in its network, but the data is unreliable.

But it’s not really clear whether the network is very well connected, or if there’s something that we can’t get reliable data on.

If you’re interested in the quality and reliability of Air France international flights going to Europe from China, check out our China-Europe data.

And, finally, look for the chart on the right for Air Canada, which has the lowest international volume of any carrier.