Italy to give new airport transfer service to Santorini

Italy is set to give a new airport link from Rome to Santo Stefano by air, following the decision of the Italian government to provide a link with Milan.

The new link will be the first of its kind in the world and will allow travellers from Santorins airport to Milan to transfer to other European destinations by air.

The airport link will provide the first link of its type between Italy and other European airports, including Milan, Ljubljana and Genoa.

The Italian government’s decision follows a series of meetings between the Italian aviation industry and the country’s national aviation agency, in which it agreed to offer a link to the country from Rome via the airport of Santorino.

The idea for the link came about after Italy was hit by an air disaster in 2011.

The air crash killed 224 people and injured more than 700.

The connection between the two airports was already being considered and a plan was developed.

“We decided that we would create a link between Santorinio airport and the other Italian airports, and we are now in the final stage of the project,” Italian Transport Minister Andrea Filippi told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper.

“The link will connect the two Italian airports in the coming months and it will enable travellers to fly to Italy’s other cities by air,” he added.

“This will be one of the first links in the continent between two airports that are important in international transport.”

Italian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Antonio Tronti, said in December that a new link was in the works between Italy’s two largest airports and that it would be opened to the public soon.

“It is an idea that has been suggested by a consortium of companies,” Trontis said.

“But now it is time to make it a reality.”

A total of four routes were under consideration: from Santori to Ljubi, from Ljupara to Lecce, from Montecristo to Mantua, from Mantua to Colle, and from Colle to Genoa, and a fifth route was under discussion.

“Now, after the discussions with all the stakeholders, the decision has been taken to go ahead with the project and the link to Santorio Caldo,” Tranti said.

A new link between Rome and Milan has been proposed before, and the proposed link between the city and the Italian capital has also been floated before.

But this time, the Italian authorities have decided to go one step further.

“After discussions with Italian and international airlines, we have decided that this new link is to be opened from Rome, with the help of a European-financed airport, which will facilitate the international air links,” Tristiani said.

The link will offer a more direct route to Italy, as it will not have to travel through Italy’s airspace.

“In addition to being a direct link, the link will also be useful to international aviation, which already operates from Rome through a series (of) international airports,” Tridenti said, adding that the link would also be able to serve a growing number of international travellers.

He said the new link would not be a direct flight from Rome directly to Milan, but would be operated through Milan’s airport.

The announcement comes just months after the Italian Air Force cancelled a flight from Milan to Lago Domingo, a small city in northern Spain, after an air accident killed at least 40 people.