How to Transfer a UAE Passport to another country

A UAE passport can be transferred from one country to another within the same country, without any restrictions.

This guide will show you how to transfer a UAE passport from one UAE country to the next.

The process of transferring a UAE visa is simple, just follow the steps outlined below.1.

Get your UAE passport, ezba, or qaba online.2.

Login to your account and go to your country of residence.3.

Click on the button “Change Passport”4.

Click “Transfer”5.

The document you are about to transfer will appear and you will be prompted to fill in the required information.6.

Enter the date of transfer into the box.

The date of your transfer is now entered into the transfer date field, the date can be either the first or last date of the month.7.

Select “Transfer”, then “Add”, then the date into the “Transfer date” box.8.

Your transfer has been successfully completed!


You now have your UAE visa, or at least your UAE Visa Card.

If you have any questions, please contact our UAE Visa Department on 071-822-7100, or if you need to report a problem, please visit the UAE Visa website, or call the Dubai Travel Bureau.

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