How to buy an AirAsia plane ticket in China

Buyers in China can transfer their passports from the Philippines to Indonesia and vice versa, but there’s no official process. 

The reason?

China’s border has become a bottleneck for airfares. 

But now, a company called AirAsia’s Philippines subsidiary is taking things to a whole new level by letting travelers transfer their Philippine passports. 

AirAsia Philippines is one of the largest airlines in the Philippines and is the only one to offer this option. 

This week, the company announced a plan to open its Philippines branch to Chinese travelers. 

According to the website, this will allow AirAsia to offer discounted tickets for passengers who live in both countries. 

And with the new route, it could be easier for passengers to transfer their passport in order to fly from the two countries.

“Our Philippines branch is one step closer to offering our guests the opportunity to transfer passports between the two airports of the country,” AirAsia Philippines CEO Brian Tarrant told reporters in Manila. 

“Our Philippine branch is the first branch in the country to allow foreign travelers to transfer Philippine passports between two different airports of China.

We’re proud to be opening our Philippines branch and look forward to welcoming new Chinese passengers to our family of airlines.” 

Airlines in the region have been trying to diversify their passenger bases and reduce congestion. 

Chinese passengers make up only about a third of the total airfare demand for passengers from Asia, but it’s a huge market, accounting for about 50 percent of the overall economy. 

Tarrant explained that AirAsia, which also operates in Southeast Asia, has been trying out new ways to attract Chinese passengers. 

He told Reuters: “We’ve always tried to attract the best passengers and we’ll continue to do that with our Philippines service.” 

This is not the first time that Air Asia has been offering the option of transferring passports in China. 

Last year, it was announced that a new service would allow travelers from Thailand to China to transfer the passports of their Chinese friends and family members to a Chinese flight, with a similar fee to what they would pay on a regular Chinese flight.