Why the airlines are taking over Qatar

Qatar Airways has made it clear that the airline will be taking over the airports of Ezeiza and Qatif in the coming weeks, as well as several other smaller cities.

Qatari Airways is currently running a number of small flights from the airports into Doha and then on to the capital.

The carrier says that the first flights into Dha-Ezeiza from the airport will start sometime in early December.

Qatar Airways, which has operated under a different name, Qantas, for years, has been the world’s largest airline.

It has the capacity to operate up to 24 planes, although the airline has been limited by security concerns.

The carrier has been trying to expand its operations in recent years by signing deals with regional carriers to provide direct flights from its airports.

Last month, Qatari Air said it had reached a deal with Emirates Airlines to operate direct flights to and from Dubai.

Airline sources have said that the company is considering offering direct flights between Doha to Dubai, and also from Doha itself to other parts of the Gulf region.

It’s not clear how much longer the airline would operate from the capital, but it has a lot of capacity.

In January, Qatar Airways announced that it would lease back the airport in the city of Doha.

The airline said that it was the largest lease-back in history, and it will be able to use the airport to handle its international flights.

As part of its lease, Qatar Airways also agreed to buy back the land on the airport from a local company.