Which airports in the U.S. are transferring flights?

Airport transfer centers in Washington and D.C. said they are accepting transfer requests for flights at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, Philadelphia International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

The move follows a report that an airport in Colorado is planning to transfer more than 1,000 flights to Los Angeles.

The transfer centers are operating at capacity, according to the airlines.

Delta Air Lines is the most active of the three, which say they have transferred more than 700 flights to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport since January.

Delta said in a statement it is committed to its customers and the health and safety of our employees.

Delta also says it is monitoring the health of our customers and other passengers in our system.

Delta and Delta also say they will review any health-related issues and follow up with all affected customers.

The Dallas-based airline said that if customers have any concerns or concerns, they can reach out to their airline directly.

The airline also says they are working with state health authorities and local authorities to provide any additional information that may be needed.

Downtown Denver, home to a number of U. S. airports, said it was also planning to begin accepting transfer flights to the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale International Airport after a state health official said that it is the nation’s busiest airport.

The airport said that as of Dec. 11, it has more than 8,200 flights booked through Delta and American.

The Denver International Airport said it is accepting transfer request for flights.

Delta, which is a subsidiary of American Airlines, has a presence in Denver.

American has a more diverse presence in the city.

It operates in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas-Ft.

Worth, Denver, Orlando, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle and Tucson.

American also operates out of Newark, Florida.

Delta is owned by United Airlines.