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By The Times of India The first airline to be granted a temporary airport transfer from Bengaluru to Calcutta has landed in Bengaluru, on its way to Calicut for a transfer of about 1,000 kilometres.

The flight, from Calcuttas Heath to Bangalore, will be delayed for two to three days while the airport will be put on lockdown.

Bengaluru-Calcutta Airport (BAC) transferThe Bengaluru-Bengalis first airport transfer since January 31, 2015.

A total of 1,025 kilometres have been transferred to Calmouth Airport, the second airport to be transferred from Bengalur to Caliphs Heath.

A few flights will not be possible due to traffic delays.

The airport transfer was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech to the Indian Parliament on December 4, 2017.

It has been a long and painstaking process for the airline.

The airline had been in talks with Bengaluru authorities for the past six months, but the airline has not received any official notification from the state government, said a senior official.BAC has been trying to persuade the state authorities to grant the airport transfer to BAC for several months.

The government has also given a clear signal to Bancur Airport to begin the transfer.

However, the airline had hoped that the airport would be able to land at Calcutts Heath.

In its statement, BAC said, “We are happy to inform you that we have been in touch with Bengalur authorities and the state Government for the last few months to discuss the possibility of the Bengaluru airport to transfer to the Bancura Airport, which has been in discussion for some time.

However, as of today, Bengalur Government has yet to send any official notice to the airline, indicating the airline will have to start the process of moving the terminal from Calmouth to Bengaluru in the coming days.”

The airline has been waiting for several weeks for the state to give official clearance for the transfer of the airport.

The Bancury Airport will be the new terminal for the airport in Bengalur.

Bancurs Heath has been operating the terminal for nearly two decades.