Norway’s ‘Norwegian’ airport transfer 4 will cost €2.3bn

Norwegian airport transfer transfer 4 in Norweigan capital Lille will cost $2.35bn, according to the Norwegian Airport Authority (NOA) and its website. 

The Norwegian airport will transfer all passengers, staff and cargo of Norwegian Airlines from Oslo to the city of Lille and then transfer them to a terminal in the town of Erlangen, the NOA said. 

Norwegian will also use the terminal for the transfer of cargo between terminals in the city. 

According to the NOa, the terminal in Lille, which is the main terminal of Norwegian, will be the most secure and secure.

The transfer will be carried out on Norwegian’s Airbus A330 aircraft, which has a capacity of more than 1,400 people. 

Passengers who have already boarded the Norwegian flight will be able to disembark from the aircraft.

The terminal in Erlangengen will be opened on Thursday. 

It is the first transfer of Norwegian cargo to Lille in a few years. 

Lille airport transfer 2, operated by Norwegian Airlines since 2016, was the first to operate at Lille’s international terminal, the same airport used by the European Union’s air navigation service, e-Ticket.

The airport transfer has also been the site of numerous terrorist attacks and incidents, including the attack on the Oslo airport in April 2017, when gunmen shot dead dozens of people.

The Norwegian government has already announced plans to upgrade Lille airport’s security.

The airport has already been upgraded several times in recent years, and it will be upgraded again this year, with an upgraded terminal and security procedures.