When the US Airways flights hit turbulence, you need to take care of your eyes

You may have noticed that some US Airways flight attendants at the airport in Chengdu, in south-western China, are wearing goggles and masks to help protect their eyes from the dust.

And that’s not all: the flight attendants are also wearing special sunglasses to help block out the sun.US Airways Flight 965 from Chengdu to Portland, Oregon, took off at 7:20pm local time on April 2, just hours after the airport received a call from US Airways Flight 817, which had been grounded for an unspecified “emergency.”

According to The Aviationist, US Airways spokesperson Michael McKeon told reporters at the time that the flight crew had received the call “about 1:30 a.m.,” which the flight attendant later told reporters she had told the airline.US airlines have had to temporarily suspend flights in China for the last few weeks as the US government considers an investigation into a massive data breach at the country’s aviation industry.

The US Department of Transportation is currently looking into whether US Airways’ data breach affected more than 4 million people and that US Airways was the first US carrier to experience a data breach.

The airline had previously reported that data had been compromised.

The flight attendant who told the aviationist that the US airline’s flight had been delayed due to the data breach had previously said she had warned the flight to stop flying as soon as it landed in the city.

“We were told that we needed to leave before we landed, so we left,” the flight passenger, who identified herself as Ms. Zhang, told The Aviationists.

“We left the gate, and we saw people were trying to leave the gate.”

According to US Airways, the flight was originally scheduled to take off at 10:30am local time.

But the flight landed about 30 minutes later than scheduled.

The Boeing 737-800 made an emergency landing on the runway and was subsequently diverted to a US Airways maintenance facility.