How to get the best value in international transfers from London airport to Frankfurt airport

London’s Heathrow airport and Frankfurt’s Cologne airport are both located within the city of Frankfurt.

Both are popular destinations for European travelers.

The difference in transfer costs is that the former has to pay taxes on the return trip, while the latter can use the tax savings to upgrade to a faster or lower-cost transfer.

London’s transfer rate for an international flight is 10.4 percent.

For Frankfurt, it is 11.3 percent.

If you want to fly from London to Frankfurt, you’ll need to pay an additional 5 percent for taxes and fees, and 15.7 percent for the journey time.

Here are some of the ways to save money when traveling to and from these two major international hubs.

London Airport Transfer Rates London Heathrow Airport Airport Transfer Rate London Airport Frankfurt Airport Transfer Frequency Frankfurt International Airport Transfer (days) 7 days per week 4,500 km 7,500 mi 5 days per month 3,200 km 6,500 miles 4 days per year 2,500 mile 5 days in the summer 3,000 miles 5 days out of the summer 10,000 km 1,500 days in a calendar year 1,600 days in 2019 1,000 days in 2021 1,200 days in 2022 1,100 days in 2023 1,050 days in 2024 1,080 days in 2025 1,070 days in 2030 1,060 days in 2050 1,020 days in 2100 1,010 days in 2140 1,030 days in 2300 1,040 days in 2400 1,045 days in 2520 1,065 days in 2620 1 of 15 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × Top tips for avoiding cancellations at the airport View Photos Here are 10 common mistakes travelers make at airports around the world.

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