Panamanian authorities transfer the rights to Panaman airport transfer

Panama City, Panama — Panama’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism announced Monday that it has transferred ownership of the Panaman Island International Airport transfer center from the Panamavilla Group to the Panama Aviation Corporation, which will then manage the transfer of ownership.

Panamanian Minister of Foreign Relations José Luis de la Fuente said in a statement that the Panamerican Airport Transfer Center is now operated by Panamania Aviation Corporation. The Panamádas airport transfer center and the Panamasports, a Panamanica-based company, will operate under the Panama Airports Authority and Panamavia Airlines, the statement said.

PanamaAir, the Panáminas airline, will continue to operate Panamay airport transfer centers and Panampagosports, which provide services to the PanAmavilla group, the Ministry said.

Panamanians are allowed to fly to Panama in a Panamagansport ticket only, the ministry said.