Air India’s Hyderabad Airport Transfer Company to be taken over

Air India has acquired a company that will transfer the Hyderabad airport facility to the Hyderabadi airline in order to increase its capacity.

The company will be headed by Srinivas Prakash, an ex-airport official and former chairman of the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

Sources told The Hill that Air India is already planning to make the Hyderabi airport a hub for its domestic services and will acquire another company to run the airport.

The Hyderabad airport will now be run by the Air India subsidiary, the Aeronautical Development and Development Organization (ADDAO).

The Hyderabad air hub will be managed by ADDAO.

Air India had already planned to set up a new hub in Mumbai, but the airline had to drop the idea due to lack of funds.

The new airline will also take over the airport and manage the airport’s security.

The airline is also set to establish a new air service to link Hyderabad with Delhi and New Delhi, sources said.