Germany: Germanwings plane to return to Germany, airport transfer

Germanwings flight 687, operated by French carrier Air France, has landed in Germany on Saturday.

The aircraft is expected to be brought back to France.

The Airbus A320 carrying 295 passengers and 17 crew will be taken back to Paris on Saturday morning, according to the airline.

Germanwings spokesman Markus Schulze said: “The aircraft has returned to the Paris airport.

The passengers and crew will stay in the hotel for now.”

Passengers were allowed to leave the aircraft at around 4pm local time (6pm GMT) in the evening.

French President Francois Hollande has ordered an investigation into the crash.

German police are investigating the crash as a possible terrorist incident.

German aviation authorities are still awaiting confirmation from the French authorities.

A passenger jet crashed in the French Alps in November, killing all 148 people on board.

The plane, which crashed in a mountain area, had been flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf, when it crashed.