How to travel to Amsterdam without paying for the airport transfer

A new study by travel consultancy AirAsia says people who fly to Amsterdam from the Netherlands often pay to fly to the country of origin.

The airline says in most cases, they pay for the transfer from their country of residence.

AirAsia’s CEO says the airline’s flights to Amsterdam are booked on average by the end of January, when the transfer is available.

The new study also looked at how well people who book their travel to Europe from a third country are able to do so without paying a deposit.

“Our analysis shows that while people from low-income countries can find flights to Europe via the European Union, they still need to pay a deposit to secure the ticket,” says AirAsia CEO, David Hwang.

In a statement, AirAsia said it’s not the first time the company has made the decision to cut fares for low-wage earners.

AirAsia said in 2015 that it was cutting its travel fares for non-European countries by 25 percent for 2016, including to the United Kingdom, following a crackdown on the practice.

It said in 2017 that it would no longer reimburse passengers for flights to the U.K. that were booked by those from low income countries.

With so much pressure placed on low-paid workers, it’s no surprise that the company is doing something to try to change things.

Hwang says Air Asia’s new research shows that the cost of flying to Amsterdam can range from $200 to $1,300.

To fly to Europe without paying, passengers need to: