Which of Ireland’s major airlines have their own transfers?

As part of the Irish Government’s transfer arrangement with Irish Airways, Dublin Airport has its own transfer arrangement, allowing Dublin to fly its domestic and international flights from one hub to another. 

Dublin Airport is also part of a network of hubs, which operate in close proximity to each other and allow the airport to have a more direct route between its main hub, Dublin, and its hubs. 

Airlines are able to use the same transfer link to transfer passengers between Dublin Airport and Shannon Airport, and from Dublin to Limerick, Wicklow, Kerry and Galway airports.

Dublin’s transfer system allows Dublin to transfer up to eight passengers at a time to its hub, Shannon.

The airport’s airport transfer service has been in place since June 2016.

The Dublin Airport’s transfers are subject to a number of restrictions.

For example, flights departing from Shannon Airport will have to arrive at Shannon Airport before leaving Dublin Airport. 

The Irish Transport Authority (ITA) will have the authority to direct flights between Dublin and Shannon from Dublin Airport, but flights arriving from Dublin will have only to arrive in Shannon before departing Dublin Airport for the first time.

The ITA will be able to direct services between Dublin airport and Shannon airport on short notice. 

It is also possible for the ITA to direct a flight between Dublin-Dublin, and between Dublin, Shannon and Galifrance airport.