U.S. approves $3.4 billion plan for the airport transfer

The United States is set to approve $3 billion in new funding for the Cincinnati airport transfer, including $300 million for a new terminal, an airport operator announced Wednesday.

The airport transfer would give the airport operator the authority to manage its terminal facilities while transferring ownership of the airport to the U.K.-based terminal operator.

It is expected to create nearly 10,000 new jobs.

The terminal would be located near the Ohio State University campus in Columbus.

The U.L.G.C. said the terminal would bring about 6,000 jobs and will help meet the airport’s demand for air service by expanding its service areas to include flights to destinations outside of Ohio and Kentucky.

It also plans to invest $500 million to expand its operations.

The new terminal will be built at the Ohio River Terminal in Cincinnati.

It will be located in a location near the University of Cincinnati’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, which is the only U.l.

G, or United, terminal in the United States.

The move comes as the U,L.T., has struggled to secure a terminal location that could accommodate the thousands of new passengers it hopes to serve in the coming years.

The company announced in January that it would be relocating from New York to Columbus in 2019.