Airport Transfer Yerevan: Yereven airport transfer is a nightmare

Yerevych airport transfer to Yerevyspor is a terrible idea.

The city has long had trouble getting a transfer for the international airport, and the airport transfer plan was announced last year.

The transfer would have transferred the airport from the city’s own airport to the local one, in the city center, to provide direct flights to the capital.

The proposal was scrapped after Yereva’s regional governor, Volodymyr Zaryag, refused to approve the plan, saying it would cause the airport to be closed.

But the airport was still on the table for a transfer in 2017, and Yerevin Mayor Sergei Vaknin said the city is considering it again.

“The city wants to look into it,” Vakunin said.

“But we can’t give it a go until the city receives the necessary paperwork from the regional government.”

The city’s airport is the third-busiest in the region, according to airport transfer website Trans-Trans.

The airport transfer has the potential to affect tourism in Yerezvin, which is located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of the capital, Simferopol.

There is also a lack of capacity at Simferopols airport, which was formerly known as Tel Aviv Airport.

The government hopes to use the airport transfers to expand Simferovs regional airport, to the north of Yereviyspor, which has limited capacity.