Why the air-taxi companies are trying to get rid of Hyderabad Airport transfer link

Updated November 05, 2018 06:35:36The airline and airport transfer companies are both trying to eliminate the link to Hyderabadi Airport from the air, and the reason is because the transfer has become a major headache for the airline and has cost the carrier more than Rs 4,000 crore.

The government has decided to allow air-transfers from the airport to other airports through the airport transfer link to be operated between the airport and a designated facility of a public body or government agency.

The link, which is supposed to be available from July 31, is set to be introduced at 12:00am on November 1.

However, the airport link has been running for a year and airlines and airport transfers have complained about its high cost, which has increased their costs and also affected their ability to book flights.

Airline operators said the link was a burden for passengers, who were left waiting for hours at airports.

The airlines have been using the link for booking flights and were not able to book flight from the Hyderbabu Airport to other destinations after it was created, they said.

The airports in-charge have also complained that they cannot book flights through the link because it has become the busiest link in the world, according to the airlines.

The airline said that the link had caused a loss of Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000 for each flight booked.

The airlines are also asking for the government to allow them to book a maximum of one flight from Hyderbulg Airport to each of the other airports.

The airline said it was the first time that a private operator has started operating the link in Hyderabad and said that it had made a mistake in booking flights through it.

According to the Airports and Airports-Transfer Authority (AATA), the government has asked the airline to provide a proposal for a “reasonable fee” for air-transfer companies to operate the link.

The AATA has asked airlines and air- transfer companies to submit their proposals within 30 days.