How to save your holiday in Greece from a coup

The military has declared an emergency and declared a state of emergency, with thousands of troops deployed across the country, to try and rein in a coup attempt.

Greece is now on a state-of-emergency level, and the government is considering all options to defend itself against the coup attempt, including declaring martial law.

What you need to know about the coup plot An attempt to overthrow the government by force has not been attempted in Greece since the 2010 general election, which saw a peaceful return of the country to democracy.

The coup plotters are believed to have been aided by a number of foreign powers, including Turkey and Qatar, which are also involved in the Syrian civil war.

The attempt to seize power was sparked by an election that saw Syriza, the governing coalition, narrowly win the vote in January.

However, the government’s success in winning the election was followed by the coup, which was thwarted by the country’s military.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has warned that Turkey is considering legal action against those involved in plotting to seize control of Greece, including those who plotted the coup.

The government has warned it will respond to any attempt by Turkish citizens to cross into Greece by force, with an additional five million refugees expected to be displaced as a result.

There are also fears that the Turkish-backed forces could use the coup as an excuse to launch a “refugee sweep” across Europe.

How to prepare for the coup The Turkish government has previously warned of a possible coup in Greece.

But on Saturday, the countrys president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, made a surprise visit to the country and declared martial law, ordering the country s armed forces to defend the country against any coup attempt or attempted coup.

Speaking to a meeting of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Mr Erdogan said: “It is time to restore order in Greece and stop the coup”.

He said that if the coup succeeds, the “threats to our people will be completely eliminated”.

Greece’s defence minister, Yiannis Mouzalas, said: We will defend the people of Greece and our country.

“The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has been in Greece on a recent visit, which coincided with the attempted coup attempt and said he will be “outraged” if the country was attacked by its allies.

Mr Trump also called on his allies in the United Kingdom to “stand with the Greek people”, and said: The whole world is watching what’s happening in Greece right now. “

I will certainly be outraged.”

Mr Trump also called on his allies in the United Kingdom to “stand with the Greek people”, and said: The whole world is watching what’s happening in Greece right now.

“We will be working very closely with the people, the international community, and especially the European Union, to ensure that they understand the gravity of the threat.”

The coup attempt began when the Syriza party was elected to power in January, pledging to end austerity measures, cut public spending and tackle the country s chronic public debt.

However Mr Erdogan’s government was accused of being behind the attempted overthrow of the government, and an investigation found that more than 10,000 military personnel were involved in preparing for the attempted takeover.

It is thought that about 20,000 people were also deployed in the country by the end of April.

The country has since declared martial rule.

However in a statement on Saturday the government accused the coup “all the way from the top”, and called for a “peaceful resolution”.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said: In Greece, the situation is at an emergency level.

We will respond by the use of all legal means to defend ourselves.

Greece will defend itself.

And we will defend ourselves in accordance with the rules of international law.

“The countrys defence minister has also said that the country will not be attacked by any of its allies, and we will take all measures to safeguard our sovereignty, security and territorial integrity,” he added.

Greece’s foreign minister, Dimitris Avramopoulos, told reporters that the coup was “absolutely unacceptable”.

“We are not going to allow anyone to undermine the democratic legitimacy of the Greek Parliament and the democratic process of the state,” he said.

What is a coup?

A coup is a military operation carried out by an enemy of the current government or by another group to overthrow a government, especially by using force.

This is usually carried out in order to force the government to sign a peace deal.

It can also be carried out to seize or control territory.

However the most common forms of a coup are the so-called “soft” coup and the “hard” coup.

How did this happen?

There are two main ways in which a coup can occur: A coup may take place in response to a specific threat.

For example, in a situation where an ally of an ally is suspected of having committed a serious crime, such