Bucharest airport transfers to metro: ‘They don’t even pay us’

Bucharest, Romania – At least 100 passengers were evacuated from an airport transfer that was scheduled to take place on Monday morning.

The airport transfer was to take the passengers from the airport to the metro in the city of Oradea.

The airline involved said that there were no flights on the ground at the time of the incident.

The passengers were transferred to another airport at a separate time.

However, when they arrived at Oradeas airport, the passengers were told by the staff that there was no flight scheduled to arrive in the next 10 minutes, reports Reuters.

According to reports, the airport staff said that they did not receive the flight information on the phone as required by the regulations of the Romanian authorities.

The passengers then had to leave the airport and walk around the city centre for some time.

According the airport, this is not an isolated incident.

According to a statement, there have been several similar incidents during the year in Oradeais main airport.

This incident is also being investigated by police, according to the statement.

A spokesperson for the airport said that the airport did not expect the situation to develop as it was a normal transfer.

“The airport staff have received the correct information and we are ready to deal with any further issue related to the issue,” the spokesperson said.