Airports transfer of a senior official of a Russian airline to the US in exchange for $3.7m

An airport transfer of an airport official of Russian Airlines to the United States in exchange, according to a New York Times report, was arranged in order to get a $3,7m payment for “air travel.”

According to the report, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the arrangement, the officials were assigned to the Russian carrier by then-President Vladimir Putin, who has since left office.

The transaction was apparently carried out at a cost of about $3 million, with the money paid to the unnamed Russian company by an intermediary, who was then sent to the U.S.

A spokesman for Putin declined to comment.

The officials were reportedly transferred to the airport in Vnukovsk in western Ukraine after the airport agreed to the transfer.

According to the Times report on Monday, the transfer of the officials to the New York office came after they had traveled to Washington for a “business trip” by train and had been “disposed of in a way that was not intended to cause any problems” for the United Nations.