Why we need to transfer Singapore to Malaysia and Indonesia as soon as possible

Transport Minister Shane Ross has confirmed that Singapore and Indonesia will have to merge their airports as soon “as possible” if the two countries are to continue working together.

Ross, speaking on the ABC’s Q&A program, also confirmed that the Australian Government will “take a lot of time” to consider how to proceed in the event of the merger of Singapore and Jakarta.

Ross said he had “absolutely no doubt” that the two airports would be merged as soon at least two weeks after the Australian-Indonesian agreement for a merger was signed.

Ross’ comments follow a meeting between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who agreed to a merger in January.

Ross told the ABC the merger would be “a huge step forward for both Singapore and our regional neighbours” and said the merger “will be positive for the region and our economy”.

“What I am trying to do is to work with the Prime Minister and other leaders to ensure that we can get the necessary approvals and approvals for the merger that will happen as soon the agreement is signed,” Ross said.

“We will also have to work together with the Australian government to get approvals and to get the approval to be able to go ahead.”

Ross told Q&AD that the deal will be “the greatest and most complex in the history of aviation” and that the merging would be a “big, big change for Singapore”.

“We’ll see how it goes, and then I’ll be able, once the agreement’s signed, to go through the processes of that,” Ross told The Australian.

Ross also said it would be an “unprecedented” move for Singapore and Indonesian to merge, given that both countries had experienced similar problems in the past.

The merger is due to take place within months, but the timeline for the process has not yet been announced.

Ross added that he would be happy to meet with Indonesian President Widodo to discuss the merger.

“He’s got a great deal of experience and expertise and a huge amount of respect for Singapore,” Ross added.

“That’s what we’ll look to do with him.”

Ross said the Indonesian-Singapore relationship is “one of the most important” in the region, and he was confident the two nations would be able “to build on the success of that relationship”.