What to expect in the transfer of Milan airport to Milan transfer

It’s a familiar scene: A transfer that was already in progress is delayed by hours.

But a new one is in the works.

The airport transfer is being put in place on the same day that the international transfer of the airport to Milano, Italy, is scheduled to begin, the city’s mayor, Stefano Fabbro, announced on Twitter.

The city’s airport, which is in southern Italy, has been shut down for over a week due to the closure of the air traffic control hub, which was designed by German architect Hans Frank, a pioneer of modern transport.

“The transfer of Milano airport to another airport will start on Friday.

The international airport will be closed on Monday,” Fabbros statement said.

The Italian airport was set up in 1869, when the city was founded by the Portuguese and the French.

It was renamed Milan in the 1970s, with the modernisation of the city and the city itself taking place in the 1980s.

In March, the Italian government ordered a major renovation of the old airport, but a series of delays have meant the airport is still in a state of partial shutdown.

In April, the government announced a transfer of some of the busiest international flights to Milan.

Milan is expected to be able to operate the first domestic flights to the US and Europe in the summer.